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STRIPCO - Revesby

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unit 2 / 4 Violet Street Revesby NSW, NSW 2212
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  • ABRASIVE blasting –
    We currently operate four Blast Rooms, with four media types –LARGE GRIT, which is the most cost effective, and general purpose media. It’s typically used for cleaning Gates, Railings, Bric-a-brac, Steel Fabrication, and rusty, heavy coated surfaces, to name a few. The finish is similar to 100 grade sandpaper, and will provide excellent adhesion for all coatings.FINE GRIT, is a smaller media size, and is used on delicate items or jobs which require a smoother finish . These include : – bike frames, outdoor furniture, trucks, car panels/parts , full car shells and chassis, including all sheet metal, general blast cleaning and preparation work.

    ALOX, which is short for Aluminium Oxide, has the advantage of being a non-metallic media, and will not contaminate the surface to be blasted. It gives a very fine profile (similar to 250 grade sandpaper), and is ideal for stainless steel items such as domes, pressure vessels and fabrications, or cleaning Alloy Wheels, and any delicate parts.

    GLASSBEAD blasting –
    Glass bead blasting utilises small spherical acrylic beads, which leave a peened, semi-polished, satin finish, on the metal surface. Primarily, it is used on Stainless Steel and Aluminium surfaces and castings, as it does not remove any metal. It is also approved for Food and Pharmaceutical use. This media is inert, and used in our clean blast chamber. Therefore, all parts must be clean, free of oil and grease, or they cannot be processed in the chamber. Frosting or etching of Glass, and pre-cleaning of metal surfaces for Electro polishing or Anodising, are other examples of Glass Beading finishes.

    Powder Coating is a durable, cost effective coating, generally for mild steel, aluminium, wrought iron and stainless steel items. It is quick curing, and can be transported within 30 mins of baking. To give maximum protection, a Zinc-Rich coating should be applied to mild steel surfaces, before finish coating. Our Stoving oven measures 2.5mW x 3.0mH x 7.0mL,  and is ideally suited for large, and/or heavy items.  All Powder Coated items must go through a curing process, which involves baking at 200degC, and therefore items cannot have any plastic, nylon or rubber parts attached , nor be contaminated with any grease or oil which can liquefy, melt, and weep out,
    which affect the new coating finish.
  • PROTECTIVE Coatings –
    We offer all Industrial Protective Coating finishes, utilising Conventional and Airless-spray equipment. We apply all Epoxies, Polyurethane, Enamel, Zinc Rich (Organic and inorganic) , Chlorinated rubber, Acrylic, MIO (Micaceous iron oxide), and Hi-Temp and Heat resistant coatings. We apply all Coatings from the major Industrial, and specialised paint suppliers in Australia, to satisfy any paint specification. We follow all strict paint application requirements, and can complete all required QA Testing to
    AS3894 / 1627.4,  as well as ITP and Paint Procedure documents, as required.
  • Call NOW,  or Email STRIPCO today for a quote.  We are happy to discuss your needs, or any queries you may have.
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AMS Supplies a wide range of abrasive media sizes, packaging options and types from Crushed Recycled Glass, Garnet, Plastic Urea and more. 


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